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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

No More “I Love You’s”

This year, we grew into our 14th edition with 16 feature films and 8 short film programs. We’re proud to expand, not for the sake of expansion but to reflect the varieties of queer stories, communities and characters that are out there. The classic love story is entirely absent in this program, but love is not.

XPOSED has always been about more than the representation of LGBTQI on screen. We love a queer cinema that allows for wildness, for failure, for withdrawal. A queer cinema that refuses the logics of assimilation. Our characters are outcasts, living on the fringes of society. Our directors question the state of the world through the art of montage. Hetero/cis-normativity is observed in everyday life and queered in the archive. Norms take their toll on all of us. Family is central to this, and here, our films open up complexities. Children struggle, but so do their parents, caught in precarious and repressive circumstances. And then, when the subconscious collides with fantasy, new worlds emerge.

With a strong visual language, experimental filmmaking unfolds the loss, love and craziness of our times. Barbara Hammer (1939-2019), whose life and work we celebrate in our program, had mastered this skill beautifully. We love her, and all the other filmmakers that unveil their hearts and minds.


Bartholomew Sammut & Merle Groneweg
Festival Directors