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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

Special Screening at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg, Thursday, July 26th at 9.30pm

A special program from some of the most exciting, disturbing and inspiring queer experimental short films screened at the 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival in May. The festival, which started in 2006 has been a passion project from Queer and Experimental film lovers since it’s inception. Now, it has put together a recap of the most discussed, desired and daring titles from this years program, including the four Lolly Award winners.

Previously on XPOSED:

The Sublime of Rectum from Truong Minh Quý

My Own Wings from Katia Repina, Carla Moral

Les îles from Yann Gonzalez

Everything that I am Not from Roman Manfredi

RIOT NOT DIET from Julia Fuhr Mann

Va-Bene from Brenda Jorde

Latifúndio from Érica Sarmet.



and the Lolly Awards go to

at 9.30pm, The Lolly Award Jury made up of Lasse Långström, Zara Zandieh & Antonio Harfuch presented this years LOLLY AWARDS!

The Lolly Award for BEST GERMAN SHORT FILM went to
RIOT NOT DIET  from Julia Fuhr Mann

The 8th XPOSED Lolly Award for Best German Short Film goes to RIOT NOT DIET by Julia Fuhr Mann and her team for making a queer feminist film in which fat queer and femme bodies are celebrated and shown with grace in a poetic, utopian and visually strong and unapologetic way. We gratulate Julia Fuhr Mann and the whole team and cast for their passion in creating this essential vision and their outstanding work in regards to the content and form of their film.

An Honorable Mention went to
VA-BENE from Brenda Jorde

The Jury of 8th Lolly Award wants to make a special mention for the film VA-BENE by Brenda Jorge for creating a film which fills the gap of indispensable Black queer non-binary representations from the African continent by following the performance and work of the Ghanaian artist Va-Bene.

The Lolly Award for BEST XPOSED SHORT FILM went to two films this year!
MY OWN WINGS from Katia Repina & Carla Moral

For focusing on diverse experiences of intersex people from different countries respectfully represented with an empowered narrative ​ and captured in a beautiful visual language.


LATIFÚNDIO from Érica Sarmet

For creating and inviting us to a playfull room that opens up queer space for both laughter and some seriouse thinking, and all this to a  lovely soundtrack.

The Audience Choice Lolly Award went to:
Everything That I’m Not by Roman Manfredi

The 4th Queer Short Film Fund was also awarded by our Jury and after a long deliberation the fund in 2018 went to:

from Popo Fan

There aren’t enough good comedies that reflect the irony and true nature of LGBTQ human relationships often defined by roles of active and passive. This year the Queer Film Fund goes to an Asian storyteller daring to transform this preconceptions of different sterotypes and mock them. We trust Popo Fan’s “Beer, beer” as a project that will explore new ways about roles and identities in Berlin performing a quite energetic character.