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The th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin


Starting the new year like…
sharing our dates for the 15th Edition of XPOSED!

We are happy to announce our 15th edition will be held from the
26th until the 30th of May!
depending of course on the development of the current pandemic we are all living through.
Block your calendars!
we are very looking forward to being able to share this special edition of XPOSED with you!


Out and About
Queere Sichtbarkeiten in der Sammlung der Berlinischen Galerie

XPOSED cooperates with the volunteer project “Out & About. Queer Visibilities in the Collection of the Berlinische Galerie“. XPOSED has selected six short films from previous years of the festival as well as the upcoming program – the 15th anniversary edition in May 2021. Formally, geographically and thematically, the works represent a broad spectrum. Compilation films about the drag- and trans* scene of the 1980s in Cordoba, Argentina (PLAYBACK) and a portrait of the Ghanaian performance artist VA-BENE stand next to the audiovisual essay GALATÉE À L’INFINI, which deals with the subjugation of the female body. Here, physicality is a key to liberation. It is the starting point not only for the search for new forms of expression, but also for breaking free, as is the case in the immersive poetic reflections on queerness in JOURNEY TO THE CHARBAGH and PIRATE BOYS. Self-determination and appropriation are also carefully celebrated in BATERÍA, in which a lonely camera roams a very special cruising area – and longs for utopian spaces in the present.



The PORN FILM FESTIVAL has announced their 15th program, and we are very fortunate this year to be collaborating together. IMPRINTED BODIES is a collection of short films from past editions of XPOSED plus a couple from the up coming 15th edition, that we put together for the PORN FILM FESTIVALS 15th edition. Screening on the 24th of October, take a look at the program on our Program Page  for more information.


The Winner of the 6th Queer Short Film Fund Announced!

Congratulations to Sarnt Utamachote
for winning the 6th Queer Short Film Fund for his project SONIC REVERBS.
A group of Musicians dedicate special songs for their friends. This allows them to ‘listen’ to each others music, stories and presence; and ‘pass on’ these on to the world

The Jury stated:
“We appreciate the works that were pitched today and we actually want to see them all realized. We thank all the filmmakers for pitching their ideas. We are honored to have read your scripts. But of course, among all of them we had to choose one. We felt, that in these times we are living in right now we need strong connections and friendships that help us ‘carry on a little bit longer’. In the project Sonic Reverbs by Sarnt Utamachote we see a clear vision of adressing mental health, friendship and finding ways to listen and be there for each other. We believe that the film will be a unique combination of music, documentary and cinematic sensibility. We are happy to present the award to this promising project and hope that it helps in its realization. We congratulate the winner Sarnt!”


Quick Note!
Due to strict COVID 19 Regulations, our events this Saturday the 19th of September will not be open to the public.
We apologize for this, but are happy to inform you that our Panel on Queer Film Production at 4pm will be live streamed on the festivals Facebook page.



The SOURA FILM FEST  has announced their program, and its amazing, and we are happy to announce our lovely collaboration together: XPOSED LOVE LETTERS is a collection of short films from past editions of XPOSED plus a couple from the up coming 15th edition, that we put together with SOURA for their 2nd edition. Screening on the 4th of October, take a look at the program on our Program Page  for more information.


The 6th Queer Short Film Fund
Finalists Announced!

We are happy to announce today, the 5 finalists selected to pitch for this years Queer Short Film Fund. Congratulations to the following directors and their teams:

Low Season from director Lara Rodriguez Cruz and producer Sergi Estébanez
Untitled (Migrants and Covid) from director Ifeatu Nnaobi
Mojana from directors Nadia Granados and Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau
Sonic Reverbs from director Sarnt Utamachote
Hundfreund from director Maissa Lihedheb, writer & actor  Lamin Leroy Gibba, assistant director Chima Okerenkwo and creator/ producer Sailesh Naidu

for more information on the finalists, please visit here

This year’s pitching session, due to strict covid safety regulations will not be public, though we feel the experience of pitching to a general public is invaluable, the health safety for our finalists and jury members is of most importance and must be placed first in this instance.

This years finalists will be pitching to a jury made up of 4 film professionals:
Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, filmmaker.
Iris Praefke, managing director at Moviemento Kino.
Fabian Altenried,  producer, director & author at Schuldenberg Films.
Rena Onat, media studies scholar.

The winner of the fund will receive €1500euro cash,  €2000 worth of in kind support from 25p* cine support GmbH Berlin plus a mentorship with film producer Cécile Tollu-Polonowski, who will guide the winning project with 5 sessions, through the next phase of script development, to production and post production.

The fund, an initiative of the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival, would like to thank all of the filmmakers who applied, the quality of these queer short projects were all on another level and we do hope all of them will be realised. The fund would not be possible without the amazing support of 25p Cine Support, hms Hannchen Mehrzweck Stiftung and Elledorado e.V



We are pleased to announce the next Short Film Program we have been fortunate enough to curate for Queerfilmfestival will also be available online for one more week! Take a look at some of the fantastic queer short films screening within LONELY WOLVES on our Program Page