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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

Thank you for visiting our website, today were are proud to launch our 13th Program for the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival – Check out our Program Page to discover more!!!

This year, 43 queer shorts films from all over the world have done just this and found their way into our program. 43 shorts that explore and celebrate queerness in filmmaking, finding a way of storytelling that challenges not only heteronormativity but also conventional cinema. Queer film icon Mara Mattuschka opens XPOSED by personally presenting her newest work PHAIDROS and will be our guest of honor at the Artist in Discussion session in Aquarium.

Our feature films take us into archives, both public and private, writing and rewriting stories: history, herstory, our story. Their story: Filmmakers explore romantic relationships and childhood traumas, drawing upon photos and recordings of the past, interweaving them into present contemplations. A feminist in her last days recounts her life, while an assemblage of film footage recounts the history of queer film and movement in the UK. Another film disrupts the archive, reprocessing the material: a queerfeminist remake, an anticolonial appropriation. New worlds are created, performance and poetry in film speaking of a time beyond manhood, killing the male, the desire to be him.

We are also extremely excited to host The Sexual Diversity Program Morelia, Mexico with a Guest Program on Friday night. The yearly Cinema Installation will be turned into a jukebox with a great selection of Queer Music Videos playing daily, curated by the Berlin Music Video Awards. And last but not least, we will celebrate the Berlin Premiere of the first short to be completed with the Queer Short Film Fund, PIRATE BOYS by Pol Merchan. XPOSED has quite a story to tell this year and we hope you will join us!