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The 12th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
11th - 14th May

Opening Night Party

THURSDAY, 11.05.17, 23:00

XPOSED Returns to our beloved Südblock to celebrate the beginning of another great Queer Fest! Kicking off the festivities is a special screening of:

Plateau Repas present the Twitchy Zone Entrevue directed by Robin Plessy and followed by an ever so entertaining Q&A with the Plateau Repas!

Also returning to XPOSED is the fantastically queer band STURLE DAGSLAND, a young and highly acclaimed musical outfit from Norway. They alternate at playing on an array of instruments and electronics, harmonically creating an expressive-progressive ever-changing soundscape dominated by Sturle’s unrestrained innovative vocals ranging from ravening ferocious screams to virtuous angelic chanting.

To dance the evening out, our beloved aMinus will make you turn your Thursday evening into a Friday evening! Come and Dance with US!