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The 12th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
11th - 14th May

Shorts 3 – Sex Dream Tales

FRIDAY, 12.05.17, 22:30

Sex sells, but can it last like affection does in “Autumn” or will it be one raunchy night during the “Brazil Carnival” or maybe end with a bloody climax like in “Vivien.Liebe”? The desire for great sex can carry us all away, as it will in “Last Call” or “While the Unicorn is Watching Me”, or in the animated fairy tale “Venus”, while “House of Air” delivers queerness in the most delightful and unapologetic way.

Nicolaas Schmidt, Germany, 2016, 10min
The noise of the last leaves up into the crowns of trees. The sound of falling water in a bath room. A window to autumn and leaves on the ground, a desperate question. A film about approaching ends – last years, weeks, seconds. A Romantic Conceptualism Love Porn Tragedy.

The Last Call
Katy Bit, 23, Germany, 2015, 10min
A woman drinks alone at the bar. She is observing the people around her. After a while she tumbles deeper and deeper into another world – a world of her biggest desires.

Vênus Filó a fadinha lésbica (Venus – Filly the lesbian little Fairy)
Sávio Leite, Brazil, 2017, 6min
From the foam of the sea, fertilized by the blood of the sky, was born Venus, enchanting goddess. In the animated fairy tale Filly,a lesbian fairy tale with nimble fingers, seduces women by day, dressed as boy. But at night something strange happens and soon half the population of Whitsitt Village are eagerly queuing up.

While the Unicorn is Watching Me
Shanti Masud, France, 2014, 8min
A man wakes up under the mischievous watch of a Unicorn and within his morning sensuality, his fantasies gradually transform his lonely apartment into a garden of delights.

Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Austria, 2016, 14min
The shy Läufer gets to know the selfconfident Vivien and her best friend and exboyfriend Manus, with whom he soon happens to find himself in a Ménage á Trois. When Vivien gets pregnant the happy ending of this story depends on one question. Can Läufer overcome his conception of a monogamous relationship and love two people at the same time? The answer: No.
Vivien.Love. is a colourful splattertragedy, ft. dark humor, gender crash and several litres of fake blood.

Brazil Carnival
Antonio Da Silva, UK, 2016, 20min
It is a film about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with bodies that dance, talk and get excited. The city becomes a jungle and everything is allowed. It is an explicit carnival with penises and butts dancing with the rhythm of samba. It is a film that emphasises the freedom of expression. Portraits the carnival as a kind of an orgy / a consented orgy, where you explore your desires and fantasies and be who you really are.

House of Air
Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston, UK, 2017, 4min
Deriving its inspiration from Hal Fischer’s seminal work ‘Gay Semiotics: a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men’, House of Air explores a clash between coded and explicit representations of gay sex.