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The 12th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
11th - 14th May

Shorts 4 – Claiming Spaces

SATURDAY 13.05.17, 18:00

By using creative forces to battle for long overdue re-appropriation and empowerment, these films fiercely command respect for the human condition and desire. Young Black women explore and discover their own ancestral power in “Kbela”, or simply plotting the revolution in “Foxy Five”. In “Gabey and Mike” we witness the queer re-staging of the classic jewish summer camp movie, while we get to explore the ancient ruins of a Cuban fortress turned cruising spot in “Báteria”. “Children, Madonna and Child, Death and Transfiguration” explores and re-arranges Terrence Davies’ first short films and last but not least “Metube 2” presents the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!

Yasmin Thayná, Brazil, 2015, 22min
A sensitive look at the experience of racism suffered daily by black women. The discover of an ancestral power emerges from their natural hair transcending whitening. A subjective exercise of self-representation and empowerment.

Gabey and Mike: A Jewish Summer Camp Love Story
Stephanie Markowitz & Alexis Mitchell, Canada, 2016, 20min
Gabey and Mike: A Jewish Summer Camp Love Story takes its name from a song by Mermaid Café – a folk band comprised of Andi D., Joe A. Rider and Merrill Nisker (now known as ‘Peaches’) that gained popularity at Canadian Jewish summer camps in the early 90s. The video juxtaposes the tale of the band with playful re-creations of the story of Gabey and Mike, in a queer re-staging of the classic summer camp movie. Gabey and Mike uses the tropes of this genre alongside references from iconic queer films in order to grasp the significance of this band within the peculiar space of the Jewish summer camp.

The Foxy Five TV Episode 4
Jabu Nadia Newman, South Africa, 2017, 16min
The Foxy Five is a webseries that deals with issues of intersectional feminism and follows the lives of five woman who are finding themselves in the young democracy that is South Africa, Cape Town. Episode 4 tackles the nuanced and often misconstrued issued trans bodies face on a daily basis.

Damian Sainz, Cuba, 2016, 16min
The ruins of an ancient military fortress outside Havana have become a clandestine gay cruising spot. Its old walls and rubbles give shelter, not only to Cuban gay men, but also to a culture of resistance and socialization.

Children, Madonna and Child, Death and Transfiguration
Ricardo Vieira Lisboa, Portugal, 2016, 9min
Robert Tucker runs through the three first short films directed by Terence Davies. From childhood to old age, the trilogy presents a character through formal, narrative and aesthetic recurrences. This video-essay presents the films in a tripartite screen, organizing and putting in dialogue these same recurrences.

Metube 2: August sings Carmina Burana
Daniel Moshel, Austria, 2016, 6min
After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!