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The 12th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
11th - 14th May

Shorts 6 – (Un)becoming

SUNDAY 14.05.17, 18:00

You grow up as a boy, your mother‘s gaze upon you. Desires and identities are explored, haunted by hetero pasts, shaped by colonial presents. You become a pregnant man, you turn into an old child, and it all ends in greatness.

Yalda Afsah, UK, 2015, 30min

“Boy” narrates through pictures of urban environments and close obvservations the lives of a girl which is raised as a boy in Afghanistan and a young Afghan singer, who now lives in London but wore boys clothes to be more free in Afghan society.

Casa Forte
Rodrigo Almeida, Brazil, 2014, 11min
A neighborhood inhabited by ghosts of a relationship and a tradition.

Maja Borg, UK/ Sweden, 2016, 12min
By channelling the German actress Margit Carstensen in the title role of a fashion designer going through a hysterical disintegration when she loses the woman she loves, the artist rehearses for potential situations in his adoptive city of Berlin, as a post-35-year-old, single, gay, ethnic-minority mid-career artist…

André Santos, Marco Leão, Portugal, 2016, 21min
Pedro gets home at dawn. Before the young boy falls asleep, his lonely mother drags him to the beach.

Coming Of Age
Jan Soldat, Germany, 2016, 14min
The planned Daddy-Son-Afternoon turns into a conversation about male role models – until the roles are fixed again.

Showing It All
Lasse Persson and/or Lisa Tulin, Sweden, 2016, 3min
A striptease dancer performs a show with confidence and grace. But she has an audience hard to please.