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The 12th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
11th - 14th May

THE BOX – Bodies. Reimagined.

Thursday 19:30
Fri & Saturday 18.30 20.30 & 22.30
Sunday 18.30 & 22.30
plus on Sunday at 19.45 a talk with the Artists!

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Take a heteronormative trailer for a heteronormative film and re-shoot it, frame-by-frame, then multiply the genders. Take a scene from a Cassavetes film and let a feminist film collective loose. Take a group of gender-queer performers, add online text, a home, and lyrics. Take some rope, two dancers and an old gramophone. Animate body parts and sex organs and make it part of an opera. Take a black astronaut to space and make her discover other worlds. Take two lesbian aliens and make them meet in ultra-slow-motion.

Revolutionnary Road, D 2004, Philipp Fröhlich, Hazal Kara, Caroline Pitzen, Caio Soares, 3 min

Remake, D 2004, hangover ltd., 20 min

Something Something: Home, D 2016, Marlene Denningmann, 5 min

Slow Dance, D 2016, Harvey Rabbit, 8 min

STRIKE! – VEINS, D/IR/USA 2015, STRIKE!, 4 min

The Afronaut, D 2016, Sky Deep, 5 min

Coming Out of Space, D 2016, Francy Fabritz, 15 min