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The 12th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
11th - 14th May

The VALIE EXPORT Experience

SATURDAY 13.05.2017, 16:00
6€ / 5€ for Students.
Tickets available at the door.
Skalitzer Str. 6
10999 Berlin

is extremely honored to welcome the legendary feminist performance artist and filmmaker VALIE EXPORT here in Berlin. After talking in depth about her work and life, the audience will have time to directly engage with Ms. EXPORT at our new festival location, the aquarium.

EXPORT’s films and performances were among the most radical feminist statements in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. “Tap and Touch Cinema” and “Action Pants: Genital Panic” are among her best known performances.

But beyond these groundbreaking and fascinating works of EXPORT are so many more that show the courage and intensity she is admired for.

The talk will be held in German. English translation will be provided in summaries by the moderator.