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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

Bodies, Games And Territories

FRIDAY 25.05.18, 22:30

Bodies, Games And Territories: The Sexual Diversity Program Morelia

The Morelia Program shows stories of Mexico rarely seen before. From macho men struggling to reject their sexual orientation, to men that turn a tradition into an opportunity to bring their bodies closer together. Intimate narratives that present topics like reconciliation in brotherhood regardless of sexual identity. The affective ties that unite them despite social or religious rejection will prevail. Guilt as the symbol of the expulsion from paradise, “games” that expose the fragility of the body and the territory; and loss in another painful game played by persons trying to defeat the intangible –and tangible– walls between two countries. It is a program that observes and reveals the sexual diversity of Mexican contemporary cinema.

El tigre y la flor (The Tiger’s Fight)
Denisse Quintero, México, 2016, 16min
After a year of drought, Nicolas prepares for “The tiger’s fights” a prehispanic ritual where the village men fight to imitate thunder and foster the rain, hope of a good harvest. Inspired by one of the last surviving blood rituals in Mexico, “The Tiger’s Fight” tells the story of Nicolas, a young man who wants to preserve the ritual, even when his love defies the traditions of his people.

Un juego (A Game)
Santiago Celorio, México, 2016, 11min
Fernando and Pablo are two brothers with a fun and childish relationship. One night, their usual games take a different path, becoming something real and completely unknown.

Los desterrados hijos de Eva (The Banished)
Omar Robles Cano, México, 2017, 16min
Now a woman, Oscar returns to the city that once banished her. Her father is dying and her brother is full of resentment. She will have to overcome her own pain to heal the wounds.

Dos ballenas (Two Whales)
Diego Cruz Cilveti, México, 2017, 15min
Two teenage siblings live by themselves in an apartment during their mother’s hospitalization. This period of isolation will lead them to face each other’s flaws and mend their relationships as they share the ordeals of becoming adults.

En tierra de machos, el joto es rey (In a land of macho men, the queer is king)
Dave Carrizosa, México, 2017, 19min
During his youth, Neto must face a series of plights that have been hounding him for a long time: a family story that threatens to repeat itself and torment him…until an unexpected ending turns the story around.

Loving South
Oliver Rendón, México, 2017, 13min
Adam is a minuteman (a civilian vigilant on the US/Mexico border) who ends up falling in love with one of the undocumented migrants he has captured. This situation makes him react in an unexpected way when the time comes for him to free the migrant.