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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

The Jukebox: Dance the Pain Away

Thursday 19:30
Fri, Saturday & Sunday 18.30 20.30 & 22.30

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At night we open our souls. Guarded by the darkness of the night, we seem to be in a safe surrounding, not caught by reality. We meet personas and creatures we never dreamed of would exist and let ourselves guide and inspire into this magical world. Why is night so different from daytime? How can we reveal our inner self and carry it into the daylight? This selection of music videos presented by the Berlin Music Video Awards showcases different night stories, that are all connected by the element of dancing & choreography.

Elton John – Bennie & the Jets
Jack Whiteley & Laura Brownhill, UK, 2017, 5:48min

Hurts – Beautiful Ones
Tim Mattia, UK, 2017, 3:54min

Trentemoller – Redefine
Åsa Riton & Andreas Emenius, Denmark, 2016, 5:15min

Fever Ray – To the Moon and Back
Martin Falck, Sweden, 2017, 4:20min

Tokio Hotel – Boy Don’t Cry
Baris Aladag, Germany, 2017, 3:35min

Hollysiz – Rather Than Talking
Thibault Dumoulin, France, 2018, 5:51min

Lexy & K-Paul – Peilschnarte
Igor Plischke, Germany, 2015, 5:15min

Maruv & Boosin – Drunk Groove
Serge Vane, Ukraine, 2018, 3:55min

House of Air – Brendan Maclean
Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston, Uk, 2017, 3:57min

Hurts – Lights
Dawn Shadforth, UK, 2015, 7:13min