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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

Xposed Shorts 4: First Times and Third Options

SATURDAY 26.05.18, 18:00

What box do you to tick, and what if you refuse to tick boxes? This shorts program speaks of identities – some we refuse and others we create, and then come those first times that question fixed notions. Six films about choosing who we are and the desire to explore.

Everything That I’m Not
Roman Manfredi, UK, 2017, 15min
Everything That I’m Not is an experimental documentary that centres the relationships of 3 Butch/Stud and Femme lesbian couples living in the UK. The viewer is invited to share an intimate portrayal that aims to capture the essence of the Butch/Stud and Femme dynamic through fragments of the couples’ domestic environment.

Anders (Something About Alex)
Reinout Hellenthal, The Netherlands, 2017, 19min
Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true and supportive friend in Hendrik, his sister’s boyfriend. When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him. This enigmatic coming-of-age tale will pull at your heartstrings, emphasizing the importance of supporting youth who bravely proclaim their right to be different to a society that is often merciless and cruel.

Uporni duh (Rebellious Essence)
Ana Čigon, Slovenia, 2017, 5min
A cat walks into the Office of the Ministry for Cat Affairs and requests for a passport. All goes pretty well until the female and male cat clerks demand to know the cat’s sex.

Jimi Vall Peterson, Sweden, 2017, 9min
Emil and Adam are two guys in their 20’s. They are close friends, and after a night at the movies Emil is going to sleep over at Adam’s. Emil has unspoken feelings for Adam – feelings that are tested when they are sleeping in the same double bed. A film about friendship and the longing for something more.

The 36 Year Old Virgin
Skyler Braeden Fox, Germany, 2017, 30min
From celibate teenage bible thumper to post-teen lesbian, Skyler, now trans masculine and nearing middle age, feels he missed out on something during his youth. Sex. Not the queer kind he’s been having throughout his 20’s and 30’s. Something a bit more….standard shall we say? Skyler reaches out to his community, who share their own stories of various sexual “firsts” and offer their insight in heart-warming and humorous bedside conversations. On the big day, he brings friend Sadie Lune along to literally hold his hand and be his sex doula while things start to heat up with Bishop Black. But how will Skyler’s long-standing fantasy of penetrative sex with a cis man turn out and will losing his “virginity” be everything Skyler expected it would be?

Campbell X, UK, 2017, 10min
Jazz meditation exploring the desire for transmasculine, transmen, butch, stud, masculine of center (MOC) people assigned female at birth. Stunning black and white images drift across the screen while transmen, femme women and butch and MOC people speak honestly about the complexity of their desire. The soundtrack is by Campbell L Sangster, the animation by Neelu Bhuman.
Photo by Kayza Rose