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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

Xposed Shorts 5: Perversion and Decadence

SATURDAY 26.05.18, 22:30

A celebration of passions, patience and porn stars, a manifesto to “fucking as we like”: In this late night programme, we see encounters in forests and kitchens, eggs breaking apart, and fists that disappear. Intimate images speak of subtle and less subtle pleasures.

The Sublime of Rectum
Truong Minh Quý, Vietnam, 2017, 15min
A visual exploration of an intimate homosexual body contact.

Edwin Oyarce, Chile, 2015, 4min
A multi-sexual fantasy that revolves around the figure of a transvestite and her pleasure-inducing prostheses and toys. A delirium in which traditional bodies and power relations are subverted.

AORTA films, USA, 2017, 14min
Shay Knox and Mahx Capacity are two of the hottest femmes we know. They nerd out about the complex joy of fat femme sex and identity over a juicy pomegranate, and then dive enthusiastically into fucking, fisting, and ferocious orgasms. These babes are eloquent, full of desire, and are generous enough to let us in on the big secret.

Johnny R Demented
Fred Morin, France, 2018, 3min
“When I look in the mirror, I’m like, ‘damn, you look good!’” This is a portrait of the “gay4pay” actor Johnny Rapid who participated in almost 200 scenes since 2011. Nearly 1200 images of his face were assembled in a large digital collage in order to make that video. Johnny R Demented or when money becomes the ultimate excuse to live one’s sexuality by taking advantage of gay fantasies.

Jan-Peter Horstmann, Germany, 2017, 17min
Rick is gay and deaf and works as an adult porn actor. The short documentary follows a young man who is able to overcome his impediment and boundaries and who lives out himself and his body and ultimately finds personal liberation in the lights of the film studio.

Érica Sarmet, Brazil, 2017, 11min
The body is not merely matter but a continual and incessant materializing of possibilities.

Crystal Clear
Max Disgrace, UK, 2017, 4min
An erotic narration of a date unfolds packed with fantasy, expectations and unnecessary emotional baggage, whilst we watch from a face-sitting, boob smothering point-of-view.

Coco Schwarz & Alina Mann, Switzerland, 2016, 5min
Body becomes a canvas for sensual nevertheless abstract drawing with ink and egg inspired by the “story of the eye” from Georges Bataille. Analog synthesizer music composed by Coco Schwarz leads the overall sensory experience, that is premiering at XPOSED.

La Disyuntiva (The Dilemma)
Antonio Zucherino, Argentina, 2017, 13min
Two men walk agitatedly on a dirt road, between underbrush and large trees. One follows the other: both inspect the place. After a while, they stop in the middle of the foliage.