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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

Xposed Shorts 6: Perceptions, Deceptions and Assumptions

SUNDAY 27.05.18, 18:00

We walk down the street, they give us a look, they assume, we feel they know something about us and the merry-go-round in our head spins out of control. We travel for our love and safety, we deceive those close to us to reach our goals or because we’re afraid, we interpret physical scars and question the truth assigned to hormones. In our Closing Night Shorts, XPOSED is also extremely proud to present the first film completed with the Queer Short Film Fund: PIRATE BOYS from Pol Merchan.

Ker Wallwork & Juliet Jacques, UK, 2016, 10min
Approach/Withdraw is a ten-minute, 16mm film narrated by Rebecca Root, which explores how public understandings of oestrogen and sex hormones affect the sense of self and relationships of those who feel at odds with their assigned gender. The majority of the material featured either relate to the production of pharmaceutical oestrogen (the contraceptive pill, or hormones used by trans women) or contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals – substances that behave like oestrogen when they are absorbed into the body. They are common in plastics, fabric dyes and soy products. The film also incorporates Christian imagery, 19th century phrenological head casts and photographs taken by 20th century sexologists, to illustrate ways in which contemporary identities bear the marks of religious and scientific precepts.

Po gladini (Skipping Stones)
Blaž Slana, Slovenia, 2017, 19min
After trying his luck in Berlin, Mitja returns to Slovenia where he is greeted by his boyfriend Bojan. The reunion turns out to be less than ideal as Mitja struggles to tell Bojan a secret that could cost him their relationship. But before he finds the right moment, things quickly get out of hand.

The world is round so that nobody can hide in the corners – Part I: Refuge
Leandro Goddinho, Germany/ Brazil, 2017, 11min
The journey of an African gay refugee seeking asylum in Germany. He was forced to leave Nigeria to save himself, and his love.

The Sun Will Rise
Mehdi Hajri, Tunisia, 2017, 35min
Omar and Bahri, long-time friends, who share their desires, their sorrows and their love are about to see their daily life upset by the arrival of a student-girl, Sonia, ready to do anything to achieve her goals.

Pirate Boys
Pol Merchan, Germany, 2018, 13min
A portrait of the punk writer Kathy Acker is the starting point for a conversation with the photographer intersex Del LaGrace Volcano around gender identity and transformation. With a hybrid form of documentary and fiction, Pirate Boys presents a journey into flesh, words, and desire. A new language emerges from a trans cinematic experience.