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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

11pm: BODIES WITHOUT BODIES IN OUTER SPACE (Ciała Bez Ciał w Kosmosie)

SATURDAY 11/05/19, 23:00 Wolf Kino

Please note that this screening takes place at WOLF Kino!

Rafal Morusiewicz 2019 Austria/Poland 42′

CIAŁA BEZ CIAŁ W KOSMOSIE (Bodies without Bodies in Outer Space) is a temporarily scattered trip into the childhood and teenage past of filmmaker Rafal Morusiewicz. Growing- up, his queer anxieties and affects were largely informed by the plots of the moving images he would watch on the two, color and black-and-white, CRT TV screens at his family home. The frame of the film’s plot is a mock situation of gradually falling asleep, of remembering a myriad of text, sound, and images as increasingly fragmented and distorted yet, at the same time, mashed up in a structure of its own idiosyncratic logic, style, and narration.

The film combines the 1952-1989 Polish realities as depicted in the films of the era with the semi-fictional auto-ethnographic story. It is an audio-visual and textual mixtape that combines footage from over 20 films with the original text and multiple layers of audio samples.

XPOSED is excited to announce that Rafal Morusiewicz will be personally attending to present his film and to answer questions at the end of the screening.