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The th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin

LONELY WOLVES: XPOSED short films at Queer Film Festival

XPOSED short films at Queer Film Festival

Nürnberg, Casablanca Kunsttheatre, Friday, 04.09, 10.30pm
Berlin, Delphi LUX, Saturday, 05.09, 5.30pm
Leipzig, Kinobar Prager Frühling, Sunday, 06.09., 9pm
Tickets available at the individual Cinema Websites
Also streaming online on the Salzgeber Club streaming service
Link to the online stream will appear here in September and please visit their website to see the entire Program:

One bear paces back and forth as the other sits, but what does this have to do with a worker falling in love? Seven queer short films from XPOSED explore what it means to be constricted to one’s cage; to be somewhat stuck in bodies, genders, desires, identities – and ultimately, to break free. This collection of fiction, documentary, and experimental art reflects upon both the strength of lonely wolves reaching out against the fear of rejection, and the power that lies in the political community.

Inés Espinosa, Spain, 2019, 15mins

Animal captivity is a human decision. An apparently invisible but in the eyes of anyone behavioral pattern, calls into question the deprivation of freedom through a paranoid choreography.

Hajni Kis, Hungary, 2016, 17mins

A high-school cleaning lady falls in love with one of the students in the school. Her love is impossible from the beginning, but she still decides to show her feelings. The moment they meet, she changes her mind and gest a cold feet, but life does not leave a way out. She must face difficult human boundaries.

Jay Bernard, UK, 2017, 8mins

The New Cross Fire was a major tragedy in 1981 that claimed the lives of 13 young black people and was initially met with state, media and police indifference. Haunted by that history, and in the context of the recent rise of the far-right and the tragedy of Grenfell, Something Said is an imaginative, gestural letter to Yvonne Ruddock, the 16 year-old whose birthday was being celebrated the night of the fire.

Writer, performer and director Jay Bernard undertakes a queer exploration of black British history, starting with this particular moment in time and examining its ramifications at two scales: the larger social and political rupture that followed the fire, and the smaller, individual attempt to reconcile one’s queer present and the black radical past.

Carson Parish, USA, 2014, 5mins

A portrait of queer femme sexuality, empowering and eroticizing black and plus-size women in the style of vintage leather films. Sometimes you need a little femme to femme time.

Martin Edralin, Canada, 2014, 15mins

A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him. Hole, multiple award winner at Locarno, Clermont Ferrand and the Canadian Screen Awards, is a bold and provocative study of disability, sexuality, loneliness and lust.

Pol Merchan, Germany, 2018, 13mins

A portrait of the punk writer Kathy Acker is the starting point for a conversation with the photographer intersex Del LaGrace Volcano around gender identity and transformation. With a hybrid form of documentary and fiction, Pirate Boys presents a journey into flesh, words, and desire. A new language emerges from a trans cinematic experience.

Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert & Ulrika Bandeira, Sweden, 2018, 17mins

JUCK is a 17-minute film which is a hybrid between documentary, dance and fiction. The film depicts the all female dance group JUCK who made a name for themselves in 2013 with a video that became a viral hit all over the world. The word “JUCK” is Swedish for “HUMP” and their groundbreaking appearance pushed the boundaries for how we are used to seeing the female body. JUCK questions the positions of object and subject. They provoke, inspire and break norms. The film poses the question: what is femininity?

XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin