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The th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin

Love Letters at Soura Film Festival

XPOSED short films at Soura Film Fest

Sunday October 4th, 2020

Dearest SOURA,

This morning we dusted off the typewriter to let you know, there are thoughts to be expressed in this program, ones that can either only be written on a typewriter, spoken through a personal documentary, explored in the veins of a hybrid and shown in a scripted narrative. These films we wish to share with you and your audience are a mix of films screened before at previous festivals, and two that will be highlighted in our 15th edition. From unrequited love, to discovering the voice in our bodies these filmmakers explore growing together, running away and fighting for happiness in all its non normative ways.

Kindest regards,

Akram Zaatari, Lebanon, 2020, 12mins

The story of love, loss and longing told through an online chat on a typewriter. Fluctuating between the dream and the proposed imagery, will everything be alright?


Amina Maher, Germany/ Iran, 2019, 20mins

In a bold and heartfelt cinematic letter to her mother, the filmmaker Amina Maher reveals the most painful of childhood secrets. The film explores gender confusion, sexuality, guilt and repression in relation with violence and identity. “Letter to my Mother» is a means for survival, a way to stand and speak up and to understand. It is an attempt to break taboos and push boundaries – both social and personal, and to create life and art out of the darkest experiences. There are times when cinema itself seems implicated in this difficult story, charting abuse that began at the exact time she was appearing in Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten (2002) which featured the real-life relationship between her mother and Amina.


Roy Dib, Lebanon, 2014, 19mins

Mondial 2010 is a film on love and place. A Lebanese gay couple decides to take a road trip to Ramallah. The film is recorded with their camera as they chronicle their journey. The viewers are invited through the couple’s conversations into the universe of a fading city.


Sadeq Es’haqi, Iran, 2019, 14mins

Sarah, a teenage school girl, faces few challenges with her sexual identity. She cannot express her feelings to her mother. She decided to leave home with her partner, Franak, with no coming back.


Zara Zandieh, Germany, Iran, 2019, 21mins

THE SEA RUNS THRU MY VEINS features four protagonists who, based on their very own individual challenges and life circumstances, share different perspectives on the topic of happiness. Sabuha Salam, long-term host of the monthly party Gayhâne, fled from Ruhr Area to Berlin in the late 1990s to live their queer identity freely. Llanquiray Valioska Painemal Morales, Mapuche with a Chilean passport and an experienced activist for the rights of refugees, migrants and indigenous people, went to the former Soviet Union before she came to Berlin in the 1990s. Neomi Ilan, a long-standing queer-feminist activist and cancer survivor from Israel/ Palestine, has been living through a lot of changes since her severe illness three years ago. Amir Zandieh, an electrician whose home is in Berlin since the 1970s, started to grapple with philosophical questions after the failed revolution in Iran.

XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin