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The 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin
24th - 27th May

10:30pm: TO SEE A WOMAN (Ver a una mujer)

SATURDAY 11/05/19, 22:30 Moviemento

TO SEE A WOMAN (Ver a una mujer)
Mònica Rovira 2017 Spain 58′

When you see someone and she dazzles you, you suddenly fill yourself with the other and no longer see anything. You just feel intensely every moment as it fades away. From the uncertainty, vulnerable, you look persistently for any hint of reality. Trying to see Sarai, her first lover, Mónica, a filmmaker in her thirties, shows what emerges from the threshold of her look.

This intimate and touching journey, where words and silences, emotions and sensations draw a map, tries to understand the essence of love and the traces remaining after separation. With a beautiful and experimental form, black and white high contrast, blurry images and close-ups, TO SEE A WOMAN brings us closer to the cinema vérité of John Cassavetes. The words of the Swiss writer of the early twentieth century Annemarie Schwarzenbach, a woman advanced to her time, accompanied Mónica Rovira in the creation of this hybrid portrait, which, more than a film, is an emotional state.

With the support of the Institut Ramon Llull, we are happy to announce director Mònica Rovira will be in attendance!