29 May -
1 June 2014 Berlin


April 17, 2014

We are happy to share with you the amazing Artwork for The 9th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin. Designed by Marion Habringer.

April 10, 2014

In its 9th year, The XPOSED International Queer Film Festival is dedicating its focus to films from the Nordic countries. Numerous diverse works from Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have been selected and will be unleashed from May 29th until June 1st upon the Berlin audience.

The program's main focus includes 3 feature length films, 3 short film programs, as well as a homage to Swedish experimental filmmaker Gunvor Nelson. In doing so the festival program ranges thematically from the (not so) classical Scandinavian 'Coming of age' tale to the prominently featured feminist experimental works, which have already coined the Austrian focus in the previous year.

The German and International shorts program will traditionally screen within our framework program, which for the first time will be supplemented by two feature length music documentaries from Germany and Austria on Friday night. Last but not least, the XPOSED team is very excited to be able to present the Berlin premiere of Yann Gonzalez extravagant „Les Recontres d'apres minuit“, which had its world premiere last year at the Cannes Film Festival.

December 10, 2013

ITALIAN STALLION WHITE HORSE by So Low Suicide Premiered last night at our QUEER ROMANCE event at Sudblock!
Thanks to everyone who came alone, it was a very entertaining evening!

November 23, 2013

The XPOSED International Queer Film Festival is proud to present QUEER ROMANCE - Tuesday Evening, 10th December at Sudblock. An evening full of Queer Music Videos and Live Music from some of Berlins favourite Queer bands!

August 22, 2013

We are happy to announce our dates for our 9th festival! Returning to the MOVIEMENTO, our festival focusing on queer films from the nordic region will take place in Berlin from the 29th of May until the 1st of June! 4 Days of Queer XPOSED Shorts! We're excited and hope you are too!!!

xposed 2014


It's about eXposure and eXposing. It's about fun, it's about Berlin and the rest of the Queer World!

The XPOSED international queer short film festival Berlin was created to screen award winning Australian Queer short films to an international audience, however as the festival grew so did it's outlook, not only did we want to create International exposure for Australian Queer Film, but also to Queer Films from other regions as well.

The best way to shine a light on Queer life in another land is to mark it with a giant X and open peoples eyes to it, therefore, the festival grew into it's new focus. Every year we would dedicate to a specific region around the world and bring queer stories from these lands to an International audience in Berlin. Not only have we XPOSED Queer Australian short films, but also short films from Canada, Korea, Turkey, Germany, Spain & The Middle East!

X marks the spot, and that spot this year is SCANDINAVIA


Coming May 5, 2014

Lolly Awards

The Next Lolly Awards will be held on the last day of the festival, Sunday the 1st June, 2014.

The winners of the 2013 Lolly Award were presented by a special Jury in the following categories:

Best XPOSED Short Film: ES HAT MICH SEHR GEFREUT by Mara Mattuschka
Best German Short Film: IT'S CONSUMING ME by Kai Staenicke
Best International Short Film: GINGERS by Antonio da Silva
The Audience LOLLY AWARD for the Best Feature Film: FLAMING EARS by A. Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schipek & Ursula Puerrer

A Special Lolly Award was also announced, hand picked by the XPOSED TEAM as their Favourite Short, we were please to present this award to Kerstin Cmelka for her short MIT MIR


Manuela Kay

Born in 1964 in Berlin Neuk?lln, she curates and organises the PornFilmFestival Berlin and since 2012 has been the Director of Special Media SDL in Berlin.

Aykan Safoğlu

Born in Istanbul 1984, he is currently based in Berlin, where he works as an artist and a curator. He writes regularly on film and other arts for the Armenian & Turkish weekly newspaper Agos.

Ena Lind

Since 2006 Ena Lind is a fixture of the Berlin Scene. She DJs in cities like New York, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Z?rich, Br?ssel, Istanbul, Rom and many more. She also serves as the publisher of the "Bend Over Magazines".

2012 Lolly Awards

The 2012 Lolly Awards were presented at the Eiszeit Kino on Friday the 22 June, 2012

We were very happy to award the following films in the following categories:

The Lolly Award for best XPOSED Short


Chen Shumowitz, Israel, 12', 2011

The jury had a hard time deciding which film should win this prize. In the end it was given to a film that had strong characters portraying a very real, yet harrowing Rcoming out? experience. Each character presented a new perspective from which to view the protagonists stand point and served a purpose in the meaning of the overall story. It shows that the roles of family members are so deeply imbedded in the psyche and that those tiescannot be shaken. The most striking moment of this film is the loaded ending that finished with a complicated scene told through the simplicity of silence.

The Lolly Award for best German Short


Jan Soldat, Germany, 9', 2012

The Best German Film was chosen for by the jury for its candid and honest look at age and sexuality from an intimate yet observational perspective. The audience were invited into a comfortable world created between the Director and his protagonists; this atmosphere gave the film its special shine. The audience were therefore privvi to a playful romp in the home of two high spirited men who had the courage and humour to simply be themselves.

The Lolly Award for Best International Short


Jonathan Pope Evans, US, 13', 2012

The jury members all warmed towards a film that chose a macabre aesthetic to present a serious theme that held it's moral ambiguity. From the very beginning, the film draws the viewer into its atmospheric world of haunting imagery. His strong lead character was completely convincing in a world that contained only a slight glimmer of innocence amongst the terror of his reality.

The Audience voted for the Lolly Award for Best Xposed Feature Film!


Fadi Hindash, Belgien, 70', 2009,

Fadi Hindash confronts the contemporary generation of 'westernized' Arabs in Dubai with a taboo. What happens when you reveal your sexual orientation to those 'modern' Arabs? Not quite the Taliban is a documentary about one man's frustration with his generation of young "modern" Arabs who appear Western, but are more conservative than the traditional Arabs. While there are many films about hypocrisy in the Middle East made by Western filmmakers, Not Quite the Taliban is the first to be made by an Arab who has put himself on the line by speaking up about the taboos.

Tickets & Venues


Ticket prices TBC.


Moviemento Cinema

Kottbusser Damm 22 ubhf - Schönleinstr. U8


Closing Night Open Air Screening, Lolly Awards and Closing Party

Admiralstraße 1-2
10999 Berlin


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