11 - 14 May, 2017


March 13

Third Queer Short Film Fund: Call for entry!

The 12 th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival will take place from May 11th with four days of film programmes, discussions, project pitches and celebration of queer cinema at Germany’s oldest cinema, Moviemento Kino Berlin.

The Queer Short Film Fund goes into its third year: Created 2015 for the festival jubilee to encourage and facilitate queer short film production, filmmakers from Berlin can apply again with their short film scripts for the fund. The five best projects for narrative, documentary, animated or experimental queer shorts with a maximum length of 10 minutes will be pre-selected for an open pitch session on May 13th . A jury of industry professionals selects the winner of a cash prize of €1000 and €2000 worth of technical services provided by our official Partner 25p cine support. The winner will be announced at the annual Lolly Award Ceremony.

More on submission, regulations and deadlines: http://www.xposedfilmfestival.com/xposed/qsff.html

September 5

Excited to announce the dates for our 12th XPOSED!
Mark your calendars - 11th - 14th May, XPOSED will return to the fabulous Kino Moviemento!

August 9

XPOSED is returning to the SZIGET FESTIVAL in Budapest this Sunday the 14th at 3pm.
Join us in the Magic Mirror Tent to see a collection of some 'Best Of ' Queer Shorts from this years program.

image from 'Die Figur in mir'

1. Sisters
from Mischa Badasyan
2. Le Repas Dominical
from Céline Devaux
3. Famous Diamonds
from Daniel McIntyre
4. 09:55-11:05, Ingrid Ekman, Bergsgatan 4B
from Cristine Berglund, Sophie Vukovic
5. These Hammers Don't Hurt Us
from Michael Robinson
6. Die Figur in mir
from Andreas Boschmann
7. Callas Reloaded
from Fred Morin

July 13

We are very excited to announce a fresh new collaboration with the MELT FESTIVAL
This Friday, XPOSED will be presenting an fascinating program of shorts, so if you are attending Melt,
drop by the Forest and say hello!

Heimat XXX from Sebastian Dominic Auer
A Woman with a Past from Gwen Haworth
Robert Frank from Lasse Långström
All You Can Eat from Michael Brynntrup
Kuhani from Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
American Reflexxx from Alli Coates
Moms on Fire from Joanna Rytel

May 23


The Lolly Award for the Best German Short Film went to:
Sebastian Dominic Auer for his film HEIMAT XXX

Jury Statement:
Set against the backdrop of a picturesque mountain landscape, "Heimat XXX" lets a horny gay couple loose in the lonely woods of an unnamed wanderlust ressort. To the booming techno sounds of an urban club, and cut against humming bees and details of flowers, the film ironically deconstructs tropes of nature, home, masculinity and German Romanticism. Director Sebastian Dominic Auer made a tongue-in-cheek porn film that manages to be artistic and entertaining at the same time.

Special Mention goes to:
Princess of everyday life/
Prinzessin des Alltags from Dan Dansen
Jury Statement:
A documentation of a man at work turns into a touching testament about non-normative relationships in Dan Dansen's "Princess of everyday life". Told through a love letter by the unseen director to his protagonist, this simple film redefines the possibilities of being together beyond a heteronormative social order.

The Lolly Award for the Best XPOSED Short Film went to:
Alli Coates for her short film AMERICAN REFLEXXX

Jury Statement:
It all started out as an experimental performance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when two New York based artists left their comfort zone for a one-hour film at a crowded holiday strip. Alli Coates would film Signe Pierce, a tall blond performer in a mini dress wearing a mirrored mask. Unreadable, indefinable, intolerable as a self-confident other, Signe Pierce quickly represented that which must not be, that which questions the social order, that which must be attacked and eventually destroyed. Told in the form of a shiny pop video, including acoustic and visual manipulations of the source material, American Reflexxx quickly turns into a documentary horror film about verbal and physical violence and abuse against those who are not considered worth being, worth living or worth performing themselves. A strong, fearless and shocking film about human monstrosities and their dynamics.

Special Mention goes to:
A Boy Needs a Friend from Steve Reinke
Jury Statement:
As the latest part of Steve Reinke's essay series "Final Thoughts", "A Boy Needs a Friend" interweaves a variation of thoughts and images about friendship, solidarity and ageing into a personal collage. Changing from ironic self-observations to philosophical ideas, Reinke's smart investigation into materiality and maturity leaves room for both reflection and laughter.

The Queer Short Film Fund was awarded to:
Zara Zandieh for her project Trilogy of Happiness

Jury Statement:
It's certainly not easy pitching a film that will - once it's finished-  have the form of an experimental exploration of the life of a migrated and queer person only using the voice of that protagonist and not the image. It requires some trust from the jury if the filmmaker says that her images will be based on associations and cannot be determined or even precisely decribed beforehand. "I don't work that way", Zara Zandieh said self-confidently yesterday during her pitch and we trust her and her film project "A Trilogy of Happiness" to be both free and artistic in form and daring, specific and precise in content.

The Audience Choice Lolly Award went to:
Gospel of Anasyrma
von Elene Naveriani

May 5

It is here! We are, once again, please to present the wonderful Trailer made by our Artistic Designer Marion Habringer.
Please Enjoy!