21 May -
24 May 2015


March 15, 2015

The XPOSED Queer Film Festival is proud to announce, a new program being made available to all Berlin Filmmakers. The Queer Short Film Fund will be launched for the first time during the 10th anniversary of Berlins XPOSED Queer Film Festival. The fund is aimed at pushing Queer Short Films with a small to moderate budget into production with the help of 25P Cine Support. Film projects being sought out should ideally challenge and question normative perspectives, broadening the scope beyond traditional LGBTQI short films. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please follow the link

April 20, 2015

XPOSED releases their Official Poster celebrating the upcoming 10th Anniversary!

April 13, 2015

In Celebration for our upcoming 10th anniversary of XPOSED, we are happy to share the first artwork created by the wonderful Marion Habringer. Stay tuned for more artwork in the coming weeks in the lead up to the launch of our fabulous jubilee program on May 4th.


It's about eXposure and eXposing. It's about fun, it's about Berlin and the rest of the Queer World!

The XPOSED international queer short film festival Berlin was created to screen award winning Australian Queer short films to an international audience, however as the festival grew so did it's outlook, not only did we want to create International exposure for Australian Queer Film, but also to Queer Films from other regions as well.

The best way to shine a light on Queer life in another land is to mark it with a giant X and open peoples eyes to it, therefore, the festival grew into it's new focus. Every year we would dedicate to a specific region around the world and bring queer stories from these lands to an International audience in Berlin. Not only have we XPOSED Queer Australian short films, but also short films from Canada, Korea, Turkey, Germany, Spain, The Middle East, Austria & The Noridc Countries.

X marks the spot, and that spot this year is the spot has travelled back to Australia. Stay tuned for the RETURN TO OZ program!

Trailers from previous XPOSED Festivals:


The Program for the 10th edition of XPOSED to be announced on 4th May, 2015

Lolly Awards

The Lolly Awards Jury to be announced on 4th May, 2015.


June 1 / 21:30 / Moviemento Lounge

In it's fourth year, the Lolly Awards will be presented by a special Jury in the Moviemento Lounge in the following categories:

Best XPOSED Short Film
Best GERMAN Short Film
The Audience Choice Lolly Award!


Kai Stänicke

Kai is a filmmaker from Berlin. His shorts and music videos were shown at festivals all over the world (Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Jakarta) and received numerous awards.

Bard Ydén

Bard is the Festival Director and Director of Programming of Oslo's Skeive Filmer Film Festival, now in its 24th year. He joined the festival in 2003 and has been the driving force since 2007, putting the festival on the map amongst some of today's most renowned LGBTQ-themed film festivals.

Susanne Sachsse

Susanne Sachsse is an actress that gained extensive experience within different renowned stages across the country, before becoming a regular member of the Berliner Ensemble. There she worked with the likes of Heiner M?ller, Robert Wilson and Einar Schleef. Since the year 2000 Sachsse works as a freelance artist and in 2001 she co-founded the artist collective CHEAP. She has been a frequent collaborator with Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce and American performance artist Vaginal Davis. She starred in LaBruces last work Pierrot Lunaire, for which she also recorded the composition of the same title together with a chamber orchestra.

Ingrid Ryberg

Ingrid Ryberg is a cinema scholar at Stockholm University and University of Gothenburg. She completed her Ph.D. thesis Imagining Safe Space: The Politics of Queer, Feminist and Lesbian Pornography in 2012 and is currently researching feminist and queer film cultures in the Nordic countries in the 1970s and 80s. She is the director of the documentary Dragkingdom of Sweden (together with ?sa Ekman, 2002) and participated in Dirty Diaries: Twelve Shorts of Feminist Porn (Mia Engberg, 2009) with the short Phone Fuck.

To view last year's Lolly Awards, please click here.

Tickets & Venues


All film programs

8 €, Student 7 €
Special offer: purchase 5 tickets for 25 € each!
Tickets can be purchased at Moviemento Berlin or Online at www.moviemento.de

Opening Night Screening and Party Tickets @ Südblock

6 €
(With Opening Cinema Ticket - 3 €)

XPOSED Tombola

The XPOSED Tombola extravaganza, that we love to offer through the duration of the festival, will be drawn on the 1st of June during the Lolly Awards presentation in the Moviemento Lounge at 9.30pm. BE in it to win it! All you need to do is to purchase a ticket for 1 euro and you are automatically in the draw to win a basket full of extraordinary tricks and treats!


Moviemento Cinema

Kottbusser Damm 22 ubhf - Schönleinstr. U8


Admiralstraße 1-2
10999 Berlin


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Complete team to be announced on 4th May 2015

Michael Stütz - Festival Director
Bartholomew Sammut - Festival Director/ Founder
Paula Alamillo - Naughty Room Programmer
Marion Habringer - Artistic Designerc
Ric Pettit - Website Designer
Aaron Sammut - Graphic Designer
Felipe Teram - Marketing & Press Coordinator
Masa Zia LenĂ¡rdic - Jury & Festival Coordinator
André Kirchner - Event Coordinator
Merle Groneweg - Print & Web Coordinator
Christoph Scheermann - Festival Photographer
Tristan Boisvert - Naughty Room Designer