52 Tuesdays

also available online from Saturday, August 14th, 9:30pm until midnight, Sunday, August 15th

52 Tuesdays

After premiering back in 2014 at Sundance & Berlinale, this film still holds the mantel for a bold achievement in filmmaking and a timeless classic that continues to inspire and empower. In our third edition of XPOSED, we screened ‘My Last Ten Hours With You’ by director Sophie Hyde, a short film about a couple trying to say goodbye to each other. For our 15th edition, we are happy to show Sophie’s groundbreaking directorial debut 52 Tuesdays. Not only is this a film full of heart and love, but also one that knows its story and tells it by masterly experimenting with form.

by Sophie Hyde

Australia, 2014

(German subtitles)

109 min.


Il Kino
14.08.2021 – 19:00

Shorts 8 – The Visual Response
Shorts 9 – Open Access, Subtle Touch