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Aleksey is a young man in search of himself. He comes to the ‘Reality’ project casting, and its authors suggest him to film his everyday life himself, which Aleksey agrees to enthusiastically. He becomes the protagonist of his own movie. He is in search of a boyfriend, and life would also be much better if his mother could accept his sexuality. Aleksey comes to visit her and admits that he likes boys, saying ‘Don’t you anticipate any grandchildren from me’. All this ends with a drunken scandal, Aleksey leaves the house with an intention never to come back and slams the door. The documentary portrait Butterflies follows Aleksey during summer break, where he hangs out at the Tarkovsky film festival, drinks with his friends, and enjoys a holiday romance with Grisha…

Dmitry Kubasov’s light-hearted documentary brings back memories of the festival life we have so dearly missed during the lockdown, and which we hopefully will fully enjoy again: That strange mode of late nights, small talk, booze, and dance – going ever back and forth between intimacy and banality. With the camera being right up against people’s bodies and faces during impassioned discussions or testimonials, and the uncertainty of Aleksey or Dmitry holding the camera, Butterflies takes an unusual observational approach.

by Dmitry Kubasov

Russia, 2016

(English subtitles)

79 min.


15.08.2021 – 15:45

The Battle of Tuntenhaus
Closing Night Shorts – The Narration Of Youth