By Hook or by Crook

By Hook or By Crook

Chronicling three weeks in the life of a handsome and gender-bending small-town escapee, By Hook or by Crook is a delirious film shot on digital video. Emotionally defeated since the death of his father, Shy heads to the big city to sink into a “life of crime”. Here, Valentine enters the stage: Speaking in lyrical phrases and, having been adopted, out on a misguided search for his birth mother. Shy and Valentine join forces, travelling the world with the wariness, but also gentle intimacy of those who have been relegated to the outside.

By Hook or by Crook is an anti-authoritarian tale of friendship, trust, and redemption set in a staunch DIY punk aesthetic. Twenty years ago, then first-time directors Harry Doge and Silas Howard created a film that seeks not to represent or appease, but simply is. Full of genderqueer glory and despair, we’re happy to present on the big screen a film that for us is a queer ‘classic’.

We will hold an online film talk with Harry Dodge and Silas Howard on Saturday, August 14th, at 5pm on the 20th anniversary of By Hook or by Crook. Please join us for the open discussion! We will soon update this page with a registration link.

by Harry Dodge, Silas Howard

USA, 2001


98 min.


13.08.2021 – 15:45

The Twentieth Century