Chocolate Babies

Chocolate Babies

Occupying the space between fantasy, tragedy, and comedy, the award winning Chocolate Babies is a roller-coaster ride that has been provoking laughter and dialogue since its 1997 premiere.

An underground band of HIV-positive, queer, urban, genderqueer, activists of color is making headlines in New York City. In an effort to expose political corruption surrounding the AIDS epidemic, these urban guerrillas stage a series of surprise attacks against conservative politicians whom they believe are collecting secret lists of HIV-positive individuals. The masterminds behind the action include “to-the-death!” diva Max Mo-Freak; his determined sister, Jamela; Larva, sex-crazed with an attitude; Lady Marmalade, a junkie songstress; and Sam, an idealistic young militant (and Max Mo’s lover) .Caught up in their extreme methods of activism and self-destructive drug and alcohol binges, the group becomes torn by infighting and begins to lose sight of their mission and loyalty to each other. Will they find the peace and justice they seek?

Chocolate Babies from Stephen Winter is a classic of epic proportions that will ignite your passion, your activism and your belly full of laughter. One of four films that return to the archive in this year‘s program, Chocolate Babies tackles the last pandemic, but shows just how a group of friends decided to expose the corruption that was happening back then.

by Stephen Winter

USA, 1997


83 min.


14.08.2021 – 22:45
15.08.2021 – 12:00

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