After  three  decades,  Irina  and  Nana  meet  in  the garden of their past. Nana lives there with  her  family  and  two  children.  Irina  returns  to  the small community to deal with the past and present, with complex feelings and memories surfacing. The delicate camera work creates a ghostlike  scenery,  the  time  shifts  and  reality   shifts  make  this  atmospheric  movie  bend  in  time  and  space.  A  neo  sci-fi  experience  with  beautiful  conversations.  Two  comets  try  to  connect and love.

by Tamar Shavgulidze

Georgia, 2019


71 min.


Wolf Kino
12.08.2021 – 21:10

15.08,2021 – 22:45

Shorts 3 – From Ancestors to Visions
By Hook or by Crook