Silent Voice & Red Ants Bite

Silent Voice

Khavaj, a young MMA (Mixed martial art) fighter, fled Chechnya when his brother discovered his homosexuality and threatened to kill him. In Brussels, facing the shock of exil, he is struck by mutism. The only link that he keeps with Chechnya are the vocal messages that his mother sends him. The film traces Khavaj’s first months in Belgium. Forced to live in total anonymity to escape the Chechnyan diaspora, he will try to build a new life. In Reka Valerik’s powerful directorial debut, we follow this struggle and appreciate the bravery of one person trying to rebuild their life from scratch all while relearning how to communicate.

by Reka Valerik

France, Belgium, 2020

English, Chechen, French

51 min.


12.08.2021 – 15:45

Red Ants Bite

In Georgia, two stranded Nigerians, Obinna and Afame, navigate the sleeping city of Tbilisi after a long night out. However, as day breaks the true colors of their ambiguous affection begin to show. In this way, they find solace despite their hostile environment.

by Elene Naveriani

Switzerland, 2019

Pidgin English, Georgian
(English subtitles)

22 min.


12.08.2021 – 15:45

Born in Flames
Shorts 2 – Flowers of Performance