The Art of Fallism

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The Art of Fallism

In The Art Of Fallism, Township boys, feminists, queers and the trans community have come together to revolutionize a racist and systematically unequal South Africa. This film follows various activists and artists who want to finally end the repression in South Africa. Different groups demand social justice, accessibility, decolonial education, and participation. But what does that even mean? Who is represented and who is silenced? Who is visible in the media and who is photographed with the fallen statue of a colonizer? Movements have to face these discussions and questions. The film outlines solidarity with its dynamic characteristics: conflicts, closeness, divergences, belonging, acceptance and protest.

by Aslaug Aarsæther, Gunnbjørg Gunnarsdóttir

Norway, South Africa, 2020


74 min.


14.08.2021 – 15:45

Shorts 7 – Disconnection and Affirmative Resistance
Shorts 8 – The Visual Response