The Battle of Tuntenhaus

also available online from Sunday, August 15th, 4:00pm until midnight, Sunday, August 15th

The Battle of Tuntenhaus

After the Fall of Berlin Wall 1989, Mainzer Straße was a hot spot of squatters and anti-fascist fights. One of the squats was the Tuntenhaus “House of Queers”. Shortly before the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990, the film follows the Queens and Queers and their daily struggles to defend against neo-Nazis attacks. After the eviction, the director comes back to Berlin and visits some of them in different spots of Berlin. Some are still in squats, some are living in queer shared flats and some are isolated and alone, uprooted and scattered.

31 years after the squatting of Tuntenhaus in Mainzer Straße, we will look back and reflect with some of the squatters as well as the film’s director about the collective trauma of the eviction and their former visions. The Q&A will be held in Moviemento after the screening and streamed live via Instagram.


by Juliet Bashore

UK, 1990

English, German
(English subtitles)

45 min.


15.08.2021 – 14:00, 20:30, 22:45

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