The Twentieth Century

The Twentieth Century

Shot on 16mm and Super 8, this film presents, in a surreal and unrestrained manner, the youthful obsessions of Canada‘s longest-serving prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874-1950). Serious Oedipal conflicts, fetishistic obsessions with worn shoes and anti-masturbation therapies make it difficult for the young Mackenzie King to pursue his calling. Expressionistic in its form and theatrical in the performativity of its gender-bending characters, this film is an extreme and beautiful journey into a dreamworld scenario.

Influenced by the aesthetics of Guy Maddin‘s films as well as by silent films, the unusual biopic The Twentieth Century exposes Canadian history with humor and in a gleefully perverted way.

by Matthew Rankin

Canada, 2020

English, French

90 min.

Narrative, Experimental

12.08.2021 – 22:45

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